About Us

Clayton Phillipp

I'm Clayton, one of the founding members of VitaLyme. Having had the disease myself I have first hand knowledge of what it means to have Lyme disease. I've since gone on to be successfully treated for Lyme.

I first noticed symptoms of Lyme as a teenager. Though it was many years later that I was diagnosed with Lyme. I saw many doctors over the years and I know how frustrating that can be. The information that exists today is limited and many doctors know very little. Yet through many trials and after much financial strain, I was able to find help.

Taking my unique experience, VitaLyme has created a Lyme disease treatment protocol.

Jared Taylor

As a good friend of Clayton's I felt compelled to help create VitaLyme. While I haven't had the disease myself, after seeing the toll it took on my friend I knew it was something worth looking into.

As an entrepreneur at heart, with a desire to help others in any way possible I've helped establish the VitaLyme treatment plan we have today. With a family of my own I understand how important it is to stay healthy. I can only hope to help others achieve success and find relief from their own Lyme disease symptoms.

Nathan Hawkes

Having worked with Clayton and Jared for many years I took a strong interest in starting VitaLyme with them. I've known a few personal friends who have had to deal with the issues and problems associated with the ever under-diagnosed Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease doesn't affect just one person, but entire families and even communities. I've taken personal interest in helping with the awareness and treatment of Lyme Disease. After many months of research, we feel like we now have a solid solution to helping to treat the symptoms and offer relief from the ailments caused by Lyme Disease.

With a successful background in online marketing I knew there was something I could offer this cause. Reaching, notifying, and helping as many people as we can is my sole focus. I want to help those with nowhere else to go and those who have exhausted every resource imaginable.

Nothing is more important to me than my friends and family and I can't imagine how devastating I would feel if they were sick and couldn't find help.

Through my research, I know just how hard Lyme disease can be to treat, which is why I became a founder and an integral part of the VitaLyme team.