Identifying and Figuring Out: What Is Lyme Disease
January 5, 2016
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Who Is VitaLyme

You can learn more about us individually here, but at the end of the day, VitaLyme is a group of informed people who want to change the way Lyme disease is viewed and potentially treated.

There is a lot of noise out in the Lyme community and most of it is confusing, we know. We have spent our time gathering information andvitalyme logo collecting the puzzle pieces so we can help you sort things out. We want to help you sift through the right information and give you just what is pertinent vs. wading through the fluff. Not only have we taken the time to learn about Lyme disease, but we also have learned and interviewed many from their personal experiences. Because Lyme disease is fairly new in the world of medical discovery, not many people (even Dr.’s) know how to properly diagnose it. Getting good information out there is key to helping people make the right decisions about how to properly treat Lyme disease. We even put a better bit on it by adding that we can help you treat Lyme disease naturally through our 3 step treatment supplement option.

Using our own experiences mixed in with yours we hope to create a living ecosystem of information that can evolve as we discover more information over time. Science has only scratched the surface of Lyme disease and we feel it is our duty to help uncover the deeper mysterious Lyme holds within.

VitaLyme is not only a place to find valuable information and potential treatment options, but it is a place to share your story.

We want to get to know our customers and since Lyme symptoms vary drastically from one person to another, it’s important that we understand those unique needs you might have. Aside from that, talking with others can sometimes be the easiest solution to lifting your spirits.

Please, take a few minutes and let us know your story, or even how we can help you.

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